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barbra bootstrut

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My name is Peter Hewlett. I am a full-time artist/painter living in Adelaide, South Australia. My paintings are small to medium-sized oils on canvas, and are figurative depictions of landscape and marine subjects in a manner which is painterly, often quite expressionistic, and always (up to now), representational.

Favorite themes are river and coastal scenes, ports with shipping, and are always painted at the location in the open air (en plein air) and almost always in a single session (alla prima), capturing the mood of a particular moment in time. Recent works have been executed in Paris, London, and the ports of Amsterdam, Adelaide and Melbourne. The works are in the manner of European, particularly French landscape painting.

This site is an online gallery and catalogue of my work, with information about works for sale, and examples of works already sold and in private collections in several countries.




barbara bootstrut pic

  Paris: La Seine
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Port of Amsterdam
Productive annual painting trips since 2005.

barbara bootstrut

  London: The Thames
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  Port Adelaide
Where I paint when not anywhere else.
  Adelaide Hills
Landscapes with a flavour almost of southern Europe but not quite.
  Other subjects  
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